words and music by Wendy Soleil

Yes, you take it in then you spit it out
Too much to hold inside your skin
Lay it on the line every single time
Just to throw it all away because you listened to what they say?

And everybody knows, or at least they think they do
What you’re all about and the motives for what you do
Telling you every time that the words you say are not true
Don’t deceive yourself with their lies, they’re not really looking out for you.

You walk away from the hurt you feel today
Find someone to blame and then drown out all the pain
With the only thing you know that will let your heartache go
Will you find the cure you need at the bottom of that drink?

I’m not a sinner and I’m not a saint
I just do the best I can, try to love and create
Such beauty and laughter and love it surrounds me
So why can’t I just not see? Why can’t I just not see?

The words from an other, they don’t need to bother
They’re not really meant for me,
they’re not really meant for me
So take your weight from me

Breathe it out, just let it go
The only thing that counts is the truth that you hold
Inside your heart, the music in your soul
Don’t shut it out, it’s the only peace you’ll know