words and music by wendy o’ sunshine


regret’s not a word that i like to say

so i fold it up small and tuck it away.

mistakes have been made and games have been played

but i have no interest in spinning wheels today


oh, so many miles you put between you and i

every one adds to the distance i see in your eyes



what can i do? What can i say?

nothing. i can only love you

until you go, you go away.

away, away away away away


forget that it’s you my limbs ache to hold.

like a house of cards destined to fold,

we break down, fall down all around the stories we make.

don’t try to convince me i’ve caused you to break.



you say this life i live, it’s not for you

but your contradiction makes us both fools.

i try and try to understand where you’re coming from.

why must you keep up this charade of numb?             




painful words, are they for real?

is this the way my heart should feel?

you talk and talk and you say, just to say

but the story changes color. depends on the day.


oh, so many miles you try to put between you and i

this distance, a mirage? Shouldn’t we try?


what can we do?  what’s left to say?

i only want to love you…



away away so many miles away….