words and music by wendy o’ sunshyne                                        


small blue buttons dropped into a jar

single file, crooked smile

shake them up, see how noisy they are

whole and perfect when looked at from afar

oh, beguile. crazy crocodile

magnifying glass, shows us all the scars



and you’re not what I really really want

i’m giving up up up up

so go, go do what you want.

now I know know know

know how to float and  flow


someone’s always jealous of the belle of the ball

mr. trained monkey, ms. bliss junkie

silent steps behind her, push her watch her fall

your pettiness to posses her only makes you small.

red blood clot, tiny juggernaut

thorns of scorn in a dready voodoo doll.




ripe banana peels, tossed to the side

sugar lump, blurry chump

rotting intentions only gather flies

hope floats high above me,  red balloon in sky blue skies

paper cup, stir and sip it up

your lack, a safety pin in my cracker jack prize




your concern for me, a script for actors on a stage

snake oil hands, folded plans

you held it far away, made me beg and beg and beg

but you can keep your charms, your distance and your pride

ants in your pants, superfluous rants.

‘cuz you’ve only been along for the thrill of the ride.




i’m like a shadow, I’m never alone

i’ve got my thoughts, slippery pebbles, moonlit stones

now I know know know

know how to float an’ flow