words and music by wendy o’ sunshyne



just take a look around and you will see what i mean

i’ve got a head on my shoulders and i’m starting to believe

everything i say is just an inconsistency

and I’m feeling kinda like i’m lost in a wave of emotion



there’s a lady on the corner and she tells me not to fret

and i’m tryin’ really hard, really hard to just forget

everything she says to me, it’s all good advice

and i’m really startin’ to worry that there’s just something wrong in my head


chorus :

and just let go, or it’s going to get deep

just let go, stop walking in your sleep

and don’t be ashamed to wave your white flag

cuz if you don’t let go……you’re gonna get dragged.


this girl that i love, well she’s smart and she’s sweet

but she just cannot learn to stand alone on her feet

she’s wonderin’ why she just can’t feel the love

it’s because she’s always worried about what everyone thinks about her.





well, i know in my heart that it’s my job just to be

whatever it is that means to be me

and if i really want to open up and learn to love life

then all i have to do is release my control and let go