First things first-  here is a link to live recordings of i like you. on
So, yes, festival season is more than upon us, it is wildly kicking and screaming like a small child throwing a tantrum because it just wants that shiny, fancy toy – kind of like us!  We like shiny and nothing is shinier than the sun, which there has been quite a lot of lately…so where is this going you ask?  Well, we like you and we like to play music and we like to play it in the shiny shiny SUN! 
This is where the FESTIVAL part comes in.  You get to hang out and camp with your friends and family and listen to lots of great music!  For many of us it is our weekend respite from the weekly grind, our karmically charged espresso for the soul.  Like the sun, perhaps, many of us would whither and weep without them (music festivals).
i like you. is supremely excited to announce that we will be playing this weekend at Project Earth in Harmony Park on the mainstage on Saturday.  That’s right, our FIRST MAINSTAGE at our FAVORITE music park for our FAVORITE music festival.  Project Earth is sold out, but there are a few tickets to be had here and there if you look for ’em.  So, this is really just a public service announcement for all you kynd people heading down already, to let you know that you are cordially invited on a date with i like you.  Please don’t be late and if you bring us flowers we will be sure to thank you and smile real pretty.
And, don’t be sad if you can not make it, as we will be playing at lots of other places and festivals this summer!