i like you. By Alexandria Fisher & Stephanie Brost, photos by David Dvorak

From kazoos to ukuleles to whistling and acapella harmonization, i.like.you. is pulling out all the stops at the Acoustic Café Saturday night during Mid West Music Fest.

Many strangers shared tables as they munched on their sandwiches and bobbed along to the bubbly beat of the band’s tunes.

“I’m really glad that they have the chance to have a real audience,” said Ross Blondell, a Winona resident and regular attendee of the fest. Last year the band was stationed at the Earth Day festival where they performed for mostly parents and children.

The three-year-old band, which has performed at Mid West Music Fest since the festival’s birth, is a combination of folk and indie original tunes off their first ever recorded cd, released on March 3rd.

They are different from most because of their unusual combination of instruments. Their songs contain music from an acoustic guitar, a ukulele, drums, a violin and an upright bass.

“I get incredibly ecstatic whenever I play music and get to share all of the cobwebs that are in my brain and cut them out musically and watch people’s reactions that become like the magic of creating and co-creating,” said O’Sunshyne. “I feel overjoyed.”

Wendy O’Sunshyne, lead singer and ukulele player, stands on stage with multi-colored dreads and neon orange glasses and facepaint mezmorizing the jam-packed café. From audience members swaying as they stand throughout the café to heads lightly bobbing, there is not a still body here.