photo courtesy of Tim McGuire, 2012

You are going to have to come find our for yourself as we play the Dakota Jazz Club in beautiful downtown Minneapolis this Friday night at 11pm.  Yes, it’s late, it’s SUPPOSED to be late, it’s a jazz club and isn’t that what jazz musicians do is play hot hot hot music all night in order to deal with the heat?

Well, we’ve got the hot hot music and if you don’t have air conditioning, then the Dakota Jazz Club has got the cool vibe that will keep you from melting out of your clothes (that’s OUR job!).

Music starts at 11pm and goes until they push us out the door (in these parts, that’s usually around 1-1:30 am – midwesterners.)   Cover is $5  Directions

And because we’d like to make a nice impression, at least the first time we play here, let’s make this a fancypants party!  We look forward to seeing you bedazzled in all your finest accoutrements!

Until then, you can stream or purchase our music at Bandcamp or NOW ON iTunes  !!!

Yep, we’re on iTunes now 🙂  gotta like that!