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“Amnesty” by i like you. filmed by MN Original at Kingman Studio in NE Minneapolis. Air date Sunday Jan. 6th, 2013

We are a MN Original!

i like you. will be on TV this Sunday, Jan 6th at 6 and 10pm on TPT (Public Television) Channel 2 for the series MN Originals!!!! 2 of our new songs will be featured!!

Our story and the full episode will also be posted on their companion website Visitors to the site will find additional content, web exclusive videos and links to MN Original artists.

and be sure to stay tuned to catch local artist Jesse Golfis RIGHT AFTER our segment at 10:30 pm, who is featured in a documentary called ‘Sidewalk Sonata’ – he’s doing great things for children, art and music!!

Thank you all for your continued love, like and support of Minnesota artists and musicians!!!

painting of Wendy Soleil of i like you. by Jesse Golfis

painting of Wendy Soleil of i like you. by Jesse Golfis

only LOVE and local MUSIC will defeat the ZOMBIES!!! We’ll be doing our part at Mayslack’s this Saturday!

Its a saturday night local/live music party folks! Come out to Nordeast & dance the night away. Bands include Katey Bellville, i like you., & Doug Otto & The Getways. Zombie Pub Crawl will be taking over the rest of the city this evening. Keep your flesh safe (as safe can be) in Nordeast. Mayslacks or bust!
Doug Otto & The Getways are on first (930pm), Katey Bellville = second, and I Like You is closing out the night*

21+ $5


1428 4th St NE

Minneapolis, MN

A delicate marriage of the ukulele stylings and skywardly spiraling vocals of Wendy Soleil join in union with the brilliantly breathtaking notes of trumpeteer, Bobby John, both of the local Minneapolis band i like you. this Wednesday night at Barbette French Bistro in Uptown as local painter and artist Jesse Golfis finishes this amazing portrait of Wendy Soleil, lead singer/songwriter of i like you.
This beautiful communion of music and art will take place at Barbette French Bistro in Uptown Minneapolis, this Wednesday night, 10pm.

Many times I’ve been told that our music is the perfect “date night” music and here is your chance to show your lady or guy (or yourself!) just how debonaire you are.

You are cordially invited to join us this Sunday evening at The Happy Gnome in St. Paul for a night of merriment and music in the upstairs lounge from 7-10pm.

Not only will there be awesome music (shameless self promotion) by the i like you. trio (Wendy Soleil on vocals and ukulele, Joe Sheehan on upright bass and CJ Vanderpoll on Drums) BUT they also have amazing food and one of the best tap selections in the city.

and the atmosphere is cozy and classy – just what date night should be.

i like you trio. at The Happy Gnome

498 Selby Ave, St. Paul MN 55102


all ages, free



We may be playing in a city near you SOON!

We like you and we really like Harriet Brewing! We’ll be getting our beer faces on and playing FUNkyDancyFancyPantsyGypsyJazzyUkuleleLOVELOVELOVEly music for you this Friday!!
Start the party early and come see our friends from Freak Cre…

ek Revival
tear it up New-timey bluegrass style.
If you are a fan of our lovely violinist (she prefers fiddler) Karen Krueger you will most definintely not want to miss this evening of fine music and even finer brews as she plays in both bands.
Freak Creak 6-8pm and i like you from 9-midnight.


6-8pm – Freak Creek Revival
Freak Creek Revival is comprised of multi-instrumentalists coming together to explore the deep roots of string band repertoire. Traditional tunes full of stories and emotion come alive through sounds of blues, jazz, and early folk music.

9-12am – i like you.
Hailing from the wilds of Minneapolis i like you. has emerged as the darlings of the most vibrant independent music scene in the country. Wendy O’ Sunshyne leads this group of talented musicians with her hauntingly beautiful voice, soulful songwriting, and ecstatic devotion to her primary instrument, the ukulele. Backed by a band of talented multi-instrumentalists featuring an eclectic blend of percussion, guitar, violin and acoustic bass. i like you. delivers an energetic sound that evokes elements of folk, funk, and gypsy jazz.

Opens at 4pm every Wednesday-Friday and 1pm on Saturday
Entrance to the Tap Room is in the back of the brewery.
Feel free to park in the lot next to the brewery.
Outdoor Patio & Indoor Art Lounge
Beers are $3, $4 and $5

79 Person Max Capacity at any one time.
49 People Inside and 30 outside.
Arrive early to reserve your spot for the music.

Growler refills from the Tap Room when the Tasting Room is closed.

i like you. and New Primatives
El le Faunt and His Traveling Circus

live action painting by Alex Gregory



3 distinct acts all with amazingly different sounds, yet oddly complimentary to each other.

This is sure to be a night of many delights and uncontainable JOY!
Friday, August 3
Doors 8:30 PM, Music 9:30 PM, Age 18+, Cover $7.00

The Cabooze

i like you.

Felicitous, joyous, deliriously beautiful—and that’s just the drinks. Only kidding, of course, that’s totally about the band. I like you makes every situation better. Waking up? Turn it up. Dentist? Why is this not in waiting rooms everywhere? Hour 23 of driving across the country? Feels like a movie montage or a really great McDonald’s commercial! Horns, strings, tiny little guitars, and gorgeously full vocals from Wendy O’Sunshyne. The gypsy jazz/singer-songwriter vibe will bring boat loads of happiness into your life, just be careful you don’t wander out of the house barefoot and singing. If you did, though, i like you would still definitely like you. Eclectic is their thing. Try “That’s What We Do” for an anthem and introduction if you’re still unconvinced. Memorize the words. Sing along

New Primatives

Formed in early 1999, New Primitives explores popular music through high-energy Rhythm & Blues, Ska, Reggae, Calypso, and World Dance Music.

The music of New Primitives is an amalgam of the communities and lives of its members. Performing regularly in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, this diverse group of talented musicians is dedicated to bringing people together.

With music as their vehicle, New Primitives awakens the commonality of all people and creates an environment in which everyone is welcome and anything is possible.

SOON…everyone will be New Primitives.
El le Faunt and His Travelling Circus
If you have seen El Le Faunt and his Traveling Circus perform, you know they’re not quickly forgotten. The Twin Cities’ ubiquitous, hardworking circus act has taken a short break as it prepares to release Ten in One, their third album, and the first to feature all eight members, on Saturday at the Amsterdam Bar. The album explores ten members of a traveling circus, including an ill-fated aerialist, an anxious dog-faced man, and a clown with a murderous past.

Links for Alex Gregory:

i like you. at Cabooze Aug 3, 2012

So Jazzy! ..or are we?


photo courtesy of Tim McGuire, 2012

You are going to have to come find our for yourself as we play the Dakota Jazz Club in beautiful downtown Minneapolis this Friday night at 11pm.  Yes, it’s late, it’s SUPPOSED to be late, it’s a jazz club and isn’t that what jazz musicians do is play hot hot hot music all night in order to deal with the heat?

Well, we’ve got the hot hot music and if you don’t have air conditioning, then the Dakota Jazz Club has got the cool vibe that will keep you from melting out of your clothes (that’s OUR job!).

Music starts at 11pm and goes until they push us out the door (in these parts, that’s usually around 1-1:30 am – midwesterners.)   Cover is $5  Directions

And because we’d like to make a nice impression, at least the first time we play here, let’s make this a fancypants party!  We look forward to seeing you bedazzled in all your finest accoutrements!

Until then, you can stream or purchase our music at Bandcamp or NOW ON iTunes  !!!

Yep, we’re on iTunes now 🙂  gotta like that!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see us play at the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts.  The weather cooperated with our time slot beautifully.  Also a big thank you to everyone who wandered by and stayed to watch our whole set, it was a pure bliss-filled joy to play for all the faces, new and old.  So much love and gratitude for you all. 
I am sorry we ran out of CDs to sell, and YES we have more!  Until you see us perform again and can pick one up, you can stream our music online for free or even purchase a digital copy of it if you’d like at  or just click on the “listen” link at the top of this page.


Once again, thank you so very very much for liking us.  we like you.


i like you. By Alexandria Fisher & Stephanie Brost, photos by David Dvorak

From kazoos to ukuleles to whistling and acapella harmonization, is pulling out all the stops at the Acoustic Café Saturday night during Mid West Music Fest.

Many strangers shared tables as they munched on their sandwiches and bobbed along to the bubbly beat of the band’s tunes.

“I’m really glad that they have the chance to have a real audience,” said Ross Blondell, a Winona resident and regular attendee of the fest. Last year the band was stationed at the Earth Day festival where they performed for mostly parents and children.

The three-year-old band, which has performed at Mid West Music Fest since the festival’s birth, is a combination of folk and indie original tunes off their first ever recorded cd, released on March 3rd.

They are different from most because of their unusual combination of instruments. Their songs contain music from an acoustic guitar, a ukulele, drums, a violin and an upright bass.

“I get incredibly ecstatic whenever I play music and get to share all of the cobwebs that are in my brain and cut them out musically and watch people’s reactions that become like the magic of creating and co-creating,” said O’Sunshyne. “I feel overjoyed.”

Wendy O’Sunshyne, lead singer and ukulele player, stands on stage with multi-colored dreads and neon orange glasses and facepaint mezmorizing the jam-packed café. From audience members swaying as they stand throughout the café to heads lightly bobbing, there is not a still body here.