Yes, they are.  The words, that is.  IMPORTANT.  That is why I  e n u n c i a t e 🙂

But, sometimes you can still miss what is important.  And because the words are important (yes, there’s that word again, it must be important) I am posting them where you can find them here on our website. (under lyrics)

So, no excuses now!  I want to see you singing along, because now you have the words, which are so important.

Yes, important.

just like you.

OH, and p.s. – for all of you that are anxiously awaiting a CD, good news!  We have started the recording process and are making everything extra pretty and sparkley for you with extra glitter on top.  Soon, dear ones, soon, you will be able to take us with you wherever you may roam.   Doesn’t that sound nice. sigh.

i like you.