We would like to take some time and wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and let you know how much we appreciate you!  You continued support has meant the world to us.  Every show that every one of you attended has been noted and appreciated.  Every picture taken, every word sung back to the stage, every hug, every word of support – it is all so amazing and we are truly grateful.

As for the cd that many of you have been waiting oh so patiently (well, some not so patiently) for – it is getting closer and closer to being finished and we hope to have it out and into your hot little hands just after the new year.

We are in the process of final mixing and editing. I worked with Sunny and AJ at Death By Art Studio in MasterMix last night until 4am recording the vocal tracks for Float and Flow.  THE FINAL VOCAL TRACK!!!!  After that it’s in the creative hands of our producer and sound technicians and then off for mastering.  I have heard final edits of almost all of the tracks and I can NOT WAIT for you to hear what has been created by this talented group of people. 

I have given much thought to the art form of recording and felt it would be amazing  to not just re-create what you would hear at our live shows, but to look at the recording process as a blank musical canvas.  A medium that we could use to create something sonically magical, using the talented musicians as the paints that fill the space with their uniquely beautiful colors.  Our producer Sunny understood what I was wanting to create for you all and helped me to see this vision through. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of every member of the band past and present and all who worked so hard to make this dream into a reality.

So, please be just a little more patient.  This art, it does take some time, but it is my greatest hope that you will find it to be more than worth the wait.

We do like you, and to many of you who have become family, we not only like you, but we love you.